Why the percentage to get pregnant is so small?

Problem of infertility or inability to ovulate is rather wide spread all over the world except maybe China. Women suffer from this disease due to different reasons. But their desire to get pregnant and to have a child is so huge that they are ready to do anything possible.

Now there are not so many things you should do to treat your infertility or absence of ovulation, just take pills and follow the prescription written by your doctor.

From the first sight it may seem that everything is easy and you can treat any disease with the help of medicine, but in this case it is important to mention that every medicine directed to cure сcertain kind of illness can affect each person in a different way.

For somebody it may be a way out while for another person it may be ineffective, because of the peculiarities of the body.

Thinking that you will ovulate and get pregnant immediately after the first dose is foolish.

Yes of course such probability is possible, nevertheless it is better not to expect fast results, because if you are ill you are trying to achieve any result and the period of time is not so important.

Some women complain that they took Clomid once and it helped them to ovulate but not to get pregnant.

Frankly speaking about such situation there is no reason to complain about, because first of all Clomid (Clomiphene) helped them to ovulate and it is already a great achievement for women with such disease, secondly of course immediate pregnancy is not so frequent result just after taking Clomid and thirdly if women started to ovulate the possibility of her getting pregnant in a natural way increased in many times.

Doctors usually say that possibility to get pregnant in women who can ovulate again with Clomid is about 20% and usually it becomes a horrible number to them, because its figure is too small.

For those who worry about that fact it will be interesting to know that women who ovulate normally don’t get pregnant every month even if they don’t use contraceptives; the per cent to get pregnant among women without any disease is equal to 20-25 % and it is the same percentage as among women who get the second chance.

Women who now can ovulate with the Clomid’s help should understand that it increased their chances to get pregnant from zero which they had few days ago to twenty percent they have today. Just keep trying and you will be impressed by the result.

Another interesting question which needs highlighting is why women who ovulate normally or can ovulate with Clomid (Clomiphene) don’t have 100% chance to get pregnant each time they have ovulation.

Discussing this question from some philosophical point of view, we can claim that nothing in our world, society and even our body are 100 per cent. As our article is devoted to our health let’s may an example on our organism.

One can have a good vision, coordination and no problems with your hand muscles but you may fail throwing ball into the basket. Probably you may succeed several times but nevertheless the possibility that you will throw it into your aim won’t be 100%.

Of course this example is far from the topic about infertility however it is a bright example that nothing is perfect and nothing has 100% guarantee.

Getting pregnant is much more complicated process which contains a lot of processes which should interact with each other in order that you could get pregnant.

It can be compared with puzzle, before you get a ready picture you should try several parts and put which is appropriate and consequently you will get a nice picture.

Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get pregnant after the first try, keep trying and use Clomid, finally you will rich your goal.

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